Fees and insurance costs

Dr. Hasson is affiliated to a number of health insurance companies:page4_pic1
> BUPA provider number 03040922 (Please contact BUPA prior to your appointment, and supply an
Authorisation number)
> PPP AXA provider number NH00630
> Aviva
> Pru Health
> Simply Health
> Allianz
> Exeter Friendly
> CS Healthcare

Please note that with effect from 1st August 2015 we will require a credit card number in order to secure all bookings. This may be in addition to your insurance details, and will only be used in the event that no insurance details are provided, no authorisation number is received, or there is an excess or shortfall on your policy payment.

Please note that we MUST have details of your Medical Insurance Company plus policy/authorisation numbers prior to your appointment Failure to provide these may mean that we are unable to directly invoice the insurance company, and we will have to ask you to self-pay.

New patient consultations (up to 1hr) up to £275
Reviews (up to 30 mins) up to £190

Please note we no longer accept cheques.
Payment can be made either by credit / debit card or by FPS transfer.
Please call the office on 07933 080775 to pay by card.


Dr. Hasson performs joint injections under general anaesthetic at the Portland Hospital and under Entonox sedation at the CMC.

Approximate costs, which may be subject to change are:

> Joint injection of large joint £120
> Joint injection under x-ray £150

Please note that full costs may not be met by all insurance companies, and BUPA will only pay for one joint, even if more than one is injected. Excess amounts are payable by patients.

Treatment codes

The following are treatment codes if you need to give these to your insurance company:sickTeddy

> Joint Injection W9040
> Joint injection under x-ray W9030